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Ranjitsagar Dam with a Royal Touch

The rulers are remembered for their philanthrophic and developmental work even today and Ranjitsgar Dam in Jamnagar is one such mute testimonial to their activities. It is said construction of the Ranjitsagar Dam was started by Maharaja Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji but was completed by His Highness Jam Digvijaysinhji, the last ruler of Jamnagar, in 1938. The foundation stone was laid by His Highness, King of Baker, Shri Gangasinhji after whom the dam was initially named. Later on the dam was renamed Ranjitsagar Dam, no doubt to honor Shri Ranjitsinhji. This Ranjitsagar dam is not to be confused with a dam of similar name in Punjab.

How to Reach Ranjitsagar Dam Jamnagar

You can reach Jamnagar by air, road and rail from other parts of the country. State transport and private bus operators operate regular bus services to Jamnagar from all over Gujarat and neighboring States. You have to alight at Bedi gate and proceed from here to Ranjit Sagar Lake. You can catch a train to Jamnagar direct from your city or alight at Ahmedabad and catch an onward train to the city. The Ranjitsagar Dam is located near Dared on the Sama Road along State Highway 229.

The purpose of building the dam was to provide year round supply of water to residents of Jamnagar city. However, the rulers planned the dam in a way to provide not only water but also to create a man made lake that could attract birds and men alike. Today, their purpose seems to have been fulfilled. The Ranjitsagar Dam is one of the popular attractions for local people and for tourists alike. The dam has grassy undulating banks and people visit this place for picnics and for recreation. On Sundays the place is crowded with local people and with tourists. In summer you can see more people in the evenings enjoying the cool fresh breeze blowing across waters of the Dam.

Developments in Ranjitsagar Dam Jamnagar

Only last year a project was undertaken to increase storage capacity of the Ranjitsagar dam by 13 lakh metric tons. This was done by dredging and increasing depth of the reservoir when it was empty due to scanty rainfall. Happily, the work is over and following heavy rains the reservoir overflowed with water, assuring a steady supply to the city even in lean summer months.

Tourist Attraction at Ranjitsagar Dam Jamnagar

Apart from human interest, the Ranjitsagar Dam is also home to local birds and migratory birds that flock here since it provides a sanctuary of sorts and a feeding place. The place is a birdwatcher’s delight since they can go close and photographers have a field day taking delightful pictures of birds cavorting in the air and on water. Fishing is not allowed in the Dam reservoir and therefore it is happy hunting grounds for birds. Apart from Ranjitsagar Dam, the other spots where birds congregate are Sasoi Dam, Sinhan dam and Vijarkhi Dam all located around Jamnagar.

If you happen to visit Jamnagar, make it a point to spend an evening at the Ranjitsagar Dam. You can simply relax or, if birds interest you, spend a couple of hours watching them on water and in full flight.

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