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This is very attractive temple and located very near to highway road. Reached in private vehicle with friends.

 really feel good and peace here. This is a beautiful temple. Spent evening time there. Good to visit with family and kids.

Creation of Halar

-Tirth :For getting peace of mind, Jain temple and Lord Jineshwara are both very useful. They are the main support of spiritual sadhana. Knowing this Vaghjibhai decided to construct a big marvelous temple in Aradhana Dham for the People native and foreign. He asked blessings from shri Mahasenvijayji Maharaj.

But what a great tragedy! Pujyashri was also gone away. But his divine power helps from Heaven in the creation of Holy Halar Tirth.

In 2043 Ashadha Suda Bij foundation was laid by Vaghjibhai under the aucipicious of Acharya Dev Shrimad Vijay Pradyotansuriswarji Maharaj and Param Pujya Panyas Pravar Shri Vajrase Vijayji Maharaj.

Creation of Aradhana Dham :

As time went on Shri KundKundvijay Maharaj become Acharya Shrimad vajay Kund-Kund Suriswatji Maharaja. He was highly honoured by Vaghibhai in Vadaliashihan. The whole occasion became praise-worthy. At that time Vaghjibhai requested Pujyashri and told him that his elder brother had a wish to make Ashray-Dham for the old and retired men in his community. But before the fulfillment of desire, he left the world. He asked to give him blessing to fulfill his elder brother’s wish as early as possible. At that time blessings was given to him by Pujya Acharya-Dev Shrimad-Vajay Kund-Kund Suriswarji Maharaja and Pujya Muni shri Mahasenvijayji Maharaj Saheb.

Heritage of ancestors :

It was heard that there was terrible in Chhanua. There was great difficulty for getting food in every home. For animals also this was the burning problem. In such critical time Vaghjibhai, Dada Raymalbhai, and Rajabhai the father of Meghjibhai, got up early in the morning, went to Sheri to Sheri of village and saw every house. When they came to know the house became hungry they called house-holder and gave him grains. When that man inclined to take it freely, then they told him to return back when he would gvet from farming.

Now tables are turned and all of a sudden health of Acharya-Dev Kund Kund Suriswarji fell ill in Jamkhanbhalia. Before his las breath, he called Vaghjibhai Nangpar, advised him especially not to waste anytime in doing good deeds. Then Acharya Maharaj passed away. Vaghjibhai became alert. He purchased land for Aradhana-Dham, According to the instruction of Shri Mahasen Vijayji Maharaja and started to erect a big Sankul known as ‘Aradhana Dham’.

Then after established ‘Halari Visha Oswal Panjrapore’ for the protection of thousands of animals.


Morning Derasar Opening Time
6.00 a.m.
Morning Mulnayak Pooja
8.45 a.m.
Morning Snan Pooja
9.00 a.m.
Evening Bhavana
6.00 7.00 p.m.
Evening Arti Mangal Deep
7.00 p.m.
Evening Derasar Mangalik
8.30 p.m.

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Halar Tirth - Aradhanadham Mukam Post Vadalia Shihan, Taluko Jamkhambhalia, Jamnagar - 361305 (Gujarat), INDIA




Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

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