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There are two important Jain temples in the Chandi Bazaar area of Jamnagar – Shantinath temple and Adinath temple. These temples were built between 1574 and 1622 and hold religious as well as historical value. Adinath, originally called Rishabhanatha, is said to be the first Jain Tirthanker. The word Adinath can be interpreted as 'the first world teacher'. Story of Adinath is presented inside the temple in the form of colourful and beautiful paintings. Vibrant colours such as pink, orange, yellow and green have been used to brighten up the people, flowers, gods and objects displayed in each frame of story. Though the colours have faded with the passage of time, the place retains its meditative and spiritual environment intact. There are 52 small temples which are built around the primary structure.

From the outside, the shrine of Adinath looks grand yet tranquil, humble yet beautiful. Intricate work which adore the pillars, ceilings and walls of the temple showcase the hard work of the artisans.

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Adinath Temple , Near Chandi bazar , Jamnagar




Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

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